Upon moving to New Orleans to attend college, I met Andrew who at the time worked at a local restaurant, and the inevitable happened: we fell in love.

Sharing a passion for real interaction with people and good food, we took the few dollars in our pockets and with nothing more than a heart full of dreams and endless hours of hard work, Pepperoni’s Cafe was born.

The first Pepperoni’s cafe was located on Prentiss Avenue in the Gentilly area. Quickly outgrowing the 500 square feet, we relocated to the busy thoroughfare on Elysian Fields. Our business and family were growing. We welcomed our daughter Ingeborg.

After five successful years of operations, Hurricane Katrina swept away everything we owned. Both our business and our home were lost in the disaster.

However, Katrina could not take away our love for New Orleans, our passion for Pepperoni’s Cafe, nor our commitment to serve our loyal customers. Andrew and I decided to dust ourselves off and started all over again, relocating to the Uptown area. Finding another 500 square feet in Riverbend, we began operating again. It wasn’t long before we outgrew our location and moved into our current location in 2007.

Since then, Pepperoni’s Cafe has adapted, grown and evolved. We are very proud of what we have accomplished with God’s blessing and the support of people like you. We are grateful for the amazing and dedicated team working with us.

Today, our family would like to dedicate our restaurant to all of the people who have supported and believed in us during all these years.

We also want to dedicate our restaurant to those who have fallen but whose dreams and determination have lifted them back up and empowered them to continue their journey. We hope you enjoy the food that we prepare with so much love and pride. 

Welcome to our house!

Our Mission

Pepperoni’s Café is the business of providing unforgettable dining experiences by a team of determined and committed people who will not cease working until the job is finished. This will be done in a clean and comfortable premises for our guests and staff.

Pepperoni’s will provide a working environment that will encourage team growth.  We are a giving member of our community who build two-way beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers who will share our vision of commitment to customer service, quality and competitive pricing.  We treat our customers and employees like family.